Monday, December 28, 2009

An Arminian Witnessing

I posted a video here a few months ago that depicts a hyper-Calvinist attempting to witness. There is another humorous video on Youtube that depicts an Arminian trying to witness. Now, this video probably doesn't speak for all Arminians, but I can testify (as a former Arminian myself) that I would have had no scruples against witnessing in this manner once upon a time. The video humorously exposes three doctrinal weakness: 1) an anthropocentric motivation for seeking salvation in Christ, 2) the false doctrine of universal atonement, and 3) the false notion that saving faith consists in saying the sinner's prayer. Now, in the interest of accuracy, it should be noted that only the second point is true to Arminianism, per se, in its historical formulation. The first and third points are relatively modern "Evangelical" additions. Nonetheless, as these additions are consistent with the theology of many Arminians, it is no surprise that Arminian-minded evangelism often incorporates them. This video humorously shows why deviating from the logically-consistent theology of Biblical Calvinism leaves one open to all kinds of unanswerable objections from professing unbelievers.

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